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Are you looking for voice actors? Choosing the right voice talent is as important as the visuals used in the video.

A voiceover is that voice that will identify with your brand and therefore will represent it.

The voice artist will be the emotional connection between you and your customers.

This is the reason why you do not want to leave this out of your sight and you want to get involved in all the steps of the process.

When looking for voice actors there are certain steps you need to have in mind in order to find the perfect voice for your video.

I have prepared for you 5 tips that will genuinely help you find the voice actor you are looking for.

1. Consult voiceover websites

The best place to start when you are looking for voice actors is to consult different voiceover websites.

This can mean pay-to-play websites or voice talent agencies. However, another way to find a voice talent is to actually check their individual websites, avoiding paying all the commission fees involved when signing a contract with a voiceover agency or when paying the artists on a pay-to-play website.

2. Listen to their demos

Typically, this would be the next tip I would like to give you when looking for voice actors. I am sure that you are aware that listening to voiceover demos is of vital importance in this process.

Only after checking the voice actor demos, you will be able to eliminate those voices that would not represent your brand well to your audience. Ultimately, have in mind your client profiles and try to match the voice with them.

3. Ask for a free voiceover sample

You might not always be sure if a specific voice is what you are looking for after listening to the demos only. Or you might consider a few voices but it is quite difficult to decide who the winner is.

In this case, my advice is to ask the voice actors to record a free voiceover sample. The majority of the professional voice artists out there would offer this kind of service.

looking for voice actors free voice over sample

4. Give clear creative directives

Once you have decided who you want to work with, you need to provide as much information as you can about your brand.

A professional voiceover would always know to listen to your directions and put them into practice.

A list with a few words or emotions that describe your brand might be useful.

For example, your brand communicates friendliness, efficiency and positivity. Your voiceover will need to know this in order to use the right voice style.

5. Ask for recommentations

Of course, as important as it is for you to give directives you will also want to ask for recommendations.

An experienced voice actor will have recorded the types of voiceovers you are after.

They are able to relate to your brand and have the expertise to give your significant recommendations.

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Marinela Cojocaru is a Native Romanian Voice Over and a former TV Presenter with over 15 years of experience in the industry. Additionally, Marinela has been working in digital marketing for over 5 years.

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